What is a consolidation?

What is a consolidation? A consolidation, consolidates shipping or simply “consol” is a logistics service suited to the needs of a client. Through this, a logistics company like XGL Logistics can help saving time and freight transport costs.

The consolidation service is based on the combination of different loads that come from different companies. Since these loads share the same destination, they are transported in the same unit. In this way, savings are achieved both economically and in terms of personnel and space.

In other words, consolidation is the process of combining multiple shipments into a single container.

What are the advantages of a consolidation?

With this process, we will be able to optimally carry out the distribution of goods and streamline the process. Let’s see its main advantages:

  • Costs are minimized
  • Space is optimized
  • High frequency of deliveries
  • Creating economies of scale in the transport sector

Load consolidation is a process through which knowledge of the transported merchandise is needed. Thus, measures such as the volume or weight of the merchandise must be taken into account. Also the regulations that govern the products sent to transport them safely must be known. In addition, it is worth remembering the importance of the type of packaging or container in which the merchandise will be transported. And it is that the conditions and quality of this depends on whether the merchandise will arrive in perfect conditions or, on the contrary, will suffer damage during its journey.

Este tipo de servicio de transporte de mercancía es bastante habitual y puede realizarse en servicios de transporte aéreo, marítimo y terrestre.

This type of merchandise transport service is quite common in air, sea and land transport shipments.

As an added value, XGL Logistics has a section for consolidated shipments by sea. And we offer weekly consolidation service. Our usual destinations from Spain are Mexico, Dubai and Singapore.

From there, you can reach any destination since they are continental strategic points.

To sum up, the consolidation service provides cost reduction and reaches destinations more efficiently.