Carrier’s strike suspended

Carrier’s strike suspended: the Platform for the Defense of the Road Transport Sector has announced this. This met last Saturday in San Fernando de Henares. And so it has agreed to suspend the strike “temporarily”. Let us remember that the strike of self-employed carriers and SMEs began on March 14. However, the platform declares that the strike will resume at the time they deem appropriate.

And it is that after 20 days of mobilizations and the consultation with the attendees of the assembly held during the weekend, they finally put an end to the indefinite unemployment that they have maintained to date due to the rise in fuel prices.

Carrier’s strike suspended, but it will be resumed

And it is that the suspension of the carrier strike is considered paused and not completed. This was announced by the spokesman for the convening platform, Manuel Hernández. He has communicated that it is time to “know how to manage the strength” that the collective has harvested in recent weeks “to strike the second blow, which is going to come”. And he went on to say that “we have to organize ourselves even more in the provinces and prepare ourselves so that, in a short period of time, we can act again with more force.”

Before knowing the result by a show of hands, the spokesman for the Platform announced that the strike “was called with some goals, and until they are achieved, nothing will be called off.” With the suspension agreed on Saturday morning, the Platform seeks to organize itself even more to “represent the worker.”

Likewise, in the coming days they will develop a mechanism so that those interested can join the Platform. And they will draw up a signed and sealed document with their transport cards.

The protests had already been losing strength since last Monday, when the sector started the week with fewer stoppages and blockades. Now, the Platform announces a “temporary” suspension of the strike, which they could end up resuming.


Source: AS