ZAL: new date for the Logistics Activities Zone of the port of Valencia

Logistics Activities Zone (Zona de Actividades Logísticas in Spanish or ZAL) of the port of Valencia: an infrastructure that remains inactive after two decades. And it is that the eternal works and procedures for its reactivation have a new date. These ZAL conditioning works are expected to be completed in May. This has been stated by the general director of the State Land Entity (Sepes), Fidel Vázquez, and the president of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), Aurelio Martínez.

Repair and fine-tuning of pavements , lighting, sanitation and gardening. These are the works that the Valencia City Council will carry out. This way, it comes to an end to the abandonment of the area. This has been due to ongoing administrative delays and legal issues.

And it is that the cost of the infrastructure already accumulates an investment of 133 million € by Sepes. This depends on the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA). And in part it has been financed thanks to the Port Authority with the acquisition of part of the land of the industrial estate.

The ZAL and its future tenants

In July 2020, the port approved the award of four blocks or plots of the ZAL to other companies. Among them: Grupo Raminatrans, QA Pimba, MSC and Medlog Iberia. This happens through its subsidiary VPI Logística. The award of VPI Logística is conditioned by the completion of these works. On the other hand, the reception of the land by the Valencia City Council.

Altogether, 73.4 million € will be invested by the aforementioned companies. And with it, the creation of 1,518 jobs, of which 188 will be direct. In addition to the 1,330 indirect.

Currently, there are three parcels left to be awarded in the ZAL. To these, the service area must be added. In addition, there are two spaces that belong to Sepes that the APV will acquire throughout this year. In total, the ZAL of the Port of Valencia will generate 2,000 direct and indirect jobs. Jobs to which we must add the positions induced in a sector such as logistics. And it is that it is a source of creation of new opportunities for hiring people.


Source: el Economista