We consolidate our growth with the official presentation of our new facilities

On 22 September we held a corporate event at XGL to officially present our new offices.

The celebration was attended by some of our most important customers, who got to know the new facilities from our sales team. Employees from our offices in Spain, Italy and Mexico also attended.

Our CEO, Angelo Russo highlighted that: “the main reason for the move to the new facilities has been the increase in staff due to the increase in the number of operations that our company carries out, and for us it is very important that our team can carry out their work in the most comfortable and productive way possible”. The facilities are more spacious, functional and modern, with different spaces and meeting rooms, car parks for employees and clients, and a strategic location close to Alicante airport.

The change of facilities has separated the company’s administrative offices from our logistics warehouse. This change has been possible thanks to our delocalised information and management system, which we have developed in-house and which enables us to have as many offices as necessary, without detriment to the quality of the service provided.

The logistics centre is currently located in the previous facilities, but the space previously occupied by all the staff is now located in the new headquarters. This has also allowed improvements to be made, which, reinforced with more human capital, is leading us ever closer to excellence.

In addition to entertainment and gifts, those attending the event were able to enjoy a cocktail dinner inspired by the different countries in which we have offices. Thus, they could taste typical Spanish food and other delicacies from the Mexican and Italian cuisines.

We also projected a video of the passage of time that reviewed the history of our company, founded in 2005 in a warehouse near the current facilities. Coincidentally, we have returned to our origins, with our traditional values, but strengthened.

Thanks to all those who were with us that day. This improvement of our facilities will undoubtedly allow us to continue to grow together with our customers as a logistics operator.