Let Us Create Futures: a joint initiative of XGL / Logistics

Let Us Create Futures: LUCF Italia and XGL join forces in a joint initiative to help Cambodian children have a promising future.

What is Let Us Create Futures? Brief history

Let Us Create Futures (LUFC) is a Cambodian non-profit organization. It is dedicated to the care and education of marginalized children living in the Preh Sihounouk province in southern Cambodia. It was set up in 2006 under the name CCPP (Cambodian Children’s Painting Project) with the aim of helping vulnerable children. These populate the beaches and streets of Sihanoukville. Many children between the ages of 5 and 17 are sent by their parents to the beaches with the excuse of selling souvenirs. As a result, they miss school to wander the streets unsupervised or stay home to care for their siblings. In this context, where the poverty rate is extreme, prostitution is a means of survival as well as pedophilia. Hence, this presents a constant danger to children.

In 2013 CCPP became LUC (Let Us Create), expanding its field of action by establishing educational programs for more than 200 children from 0 to 18 years old. The local staff is made up of certified educators and a team of volunteers for the management of extracurricular activities. LUC opens a nursery at the children’s center near Sihanoukville’s main square. At the same time, the program of material assistance to vulnerable families of children is structured. Through the distribution of fresh and dry food and awareness and information actions.

In 2015, the new LUC center was inaugurated, which welcomes approximately 180 children who daily attend classes, participate in recreational workshops and receive meals. LUC is recognized by the Cambodian Ministry of Education and begins local collaborations with other non-governmental organizations. As of 2018, LUC becomes LUCF (Let Us Create Futures) focusing its interventions on educational services for children from 0 to 7 years old. LUCF opens a new center in 2019 in the Klang Leu neighborhood where it receives 25 children (maximum capacity). And this is how it begins to bring early childhood education to the most remote communities of the province.

Current situation

In the years 2020-2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic emergency, the Klang Leu Children’s Center was forced to close. Educational programs in Prey Nup communities have stagnated and many families have sunk further into a degraded condition. Despite restrictive lockdowns, LUCF has always continued to ensure homeschooling to combat early school leaving. In addition, it has delivered food packages, personal protective equipment and hygiene products. Therefore, being able to support 248 families and more than 100 children, school supplies and education.

Today, LUCF is growing rapidly. It is expanding its programs for the benefit of many poor children and families in order to leave no one behind. And so we can build a bright and dignified future for Cambodian children.

Let Us Create Futures Italia was born in November 2021 in Milan. The aim is to support the local team in Cambodia to develop more structured programs and to extend assistance to a larger number of families. To carry out this objective, fundraising actions are being carried out at national and European level.

XGL / Logistics & Let Us Create Futures

This year, at XGL Logistics we have chosen to give something special: XGL / Italy celebrates Christmas with Let Us Create Futures by giving our clients a Christmas postcard.
Thus, we support the children that the association cares for every day in their own centers in Cambodia, offering them the proper education and food support. And thus help them reach their full potential for development.

From XGL / Spain we have made a donation so that these children and their families have a bright and dignified future.

How can I collaborate?

Both through donations and by volunteering and even giving a voice to this NGO. You can find out more about how to help the children of Cambodia on the Let Us Create Futures page: https://www.letuscreatefutures.org/ or by sending an email to info.italia@letuscreatefutures.org.

You can follow this NGO on their social networks.


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