Covid-19 rockets digital marketing in logistic companies

Digital marketing in logistics: increasing in these companies since the coronavirus pandemic began. Given the opportunities that digital marketing offers, logistics companies have chosen to increase their budget. This is how the consulting firm Blackpool Digital has concluded in its report La logística y el transporte frente a los nuevos retos del marketing digital (“Logistics and transport VS the new challenges of digital marketing”).

According to data provided by companies in the sector, only 17.1% dispense with investing in digital marketing. In contrast, some logistics companies dedicate more than €100,000 of their budget.

Furthermore, according to the report, only 41% of companies have a department for digital marketing made up of at least two people. In other cases, another department in the company performs the marketing tasks. It should also be noted that more than 40% which do not own this department delegate to agencies that offer these marketing services.

The budget in digital marketing in logistics depends on the size of the company. As the analysis in the report shows, the largest companies  are the one to spend the most budget for this purpose. This shows that better results are obtained and the forecast of an increase in shipments is much higher.

The document written by Blackpool Digital shows that the favorite communication channels of these companies are the companies’ website and LinkedIn. Therefore, it also states that more than 41% post content weekly through these channels, compared to 31.4% who do so monthly or do not update their communication platforms at all.

Another point to which the document refers is the branded content. This is the most used action by companies within their digital strategy, with 70.5% of the responses. And in terms of attracting leads, the companies with the greatest infrastructure are the ones that carry out this type of action.

In summary, 60% of companies positively value the return on investment that is obtained thanks to digital marketing.

Sources: Novologistica & Blackpool Digital