We are committed to Cáritas and people

Since XGL / Logistics was founded in 2005, we have worked aware that our activity cannot be carried out in parallel with the society and the moment in which we live. 


Therefore, regardless of the regulations that we as a company must comply with or specific actions, our team has always made a personal commitment to respect our environment. As a result of this commitment, we have all adopted two sustainable development goals as our own: the well-being and respect of people and the protection of the environment. Because the well-being of the people who make up our community is one of the fundamental pillars for society to progress and we can achieve a more fair present and a less uncertain future.

In our search for allies in the fight against inequalities, we always found in Cáritas a partner who shared our concern and our principles. Cáritas promotes the integral development of people and towns, especially the poorest and most excluded and XGL / Logistics has collaborated with the association through food donations to the San Esteban Protomartir Parish for years.

But 2020 brought with it a socio-health crisis that changed the needs of many people. During this time, Cáritas has seen multiple requests for help and, with it, its need for funds to support its 165 national organizations. For this reason, the XGL management decided to regulate the contribution of our company and we have committed to allocate a percentage of our quarterly turnover to donations in the form of food.

From here we also want to encourage all those clients and collaborators who are in a position to do so to make their own donations. Because every gesture counts. Because there is no future if we don’t all advance hand in hand.