Bonded Warehouse and Temporary Storage Warehouse XGL

As international forwarders, at XGL we are experts in each and every step of the process of importing and exporting goods. In order to meet the needs and particularities of our customers, we are also certified as a Bonded Warehouse and a Temporary Deposit Warehouse (ADT).

Both warehouses are defined as areas authorized by the Customs Administration and are subject to its control.

Bonded warehouse


In an international trade strategy, weighing whether to use a bonded warehouse can not only save costs, but can also help us distribute our goods to their final destination more efficiently.

The basic advantages for your business if you use our Bonded Warehouse would be:

  1. Unlimited storage and safekeeping of your merchandise. Thanks to this storage without time constraints, a company can take more control over the distribution of its goods; and from the warehouse itself, it can decide to split its output from the warehouse according to its own needs. In this way, in addition to ensuring the integrity of all goods during transit, it can organize a schedule of departures according to sales.
  2. No payment of essential taxes is required and VAT exemption is available. Not having to pay duties and taxes when it arrives in the country, but only when it is decided what destination it is going to have.
  3. Personalized and fast management of your cargo’s departure from our warehouses to its final destination. You can schedule partial departures of your merchandise. You can make re-exports to other countries or intra-community deliveries taking advantage of the benefits of these options.
  4. Reduces costs in various services such as customs, terminals, port services… The costs of having your goods in port or free trade zone are higher.
  5. Control of the delivery of goods allows us to supply sales according to demand; and to cover the loss of having to advance full payments for our import or export.

Temporary Deposit Warehouse (ADT)


As for the ADT , we offer a Temporary Warehouse Service (ADT), a public customs managed by us as logistics operators and authorized by the Administration to receive and store products imported directly from abroad without prior presentation to customs for up to 90 days. In this way, your non-dispatched merchandise will remain in custody until it has a date and time for its customs destination.

At XGL we offer a bonded warehouse and/or temporary storage service that adapts to the needs of your merchandise, regardless of the volume, nature or origin and final destination of the merchandise. Contact us!