Application of the TARIC-PQP measure to a wider range of products from June onwards



As of 1 June, customs will start applying the TARIC measure PQP- Hazardous Chemicals to an increased number of products.

This measure lists the list of hazardous chemicals affected, which applies to two categories of chemicals: pesticides and industrial chemicals.

To find out whether or not a hazardous chemical is affected by this measure, you should consult Annex I of Regulation (EU) No 649/2012 and its subsequent amendments.

According to this regulation, a declaration must be made in the SAD:
– When the declared products are affected by the TARIC measure, the operator must declare in box 44 the Certificate Code 1418 INSPECTION OF HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS and attach the corresponding document to the declaration.

– When the declared products are not concerned by this measure, a “Responsible declaration of the importer” must be attached. And the certificate code 1416 INSPECTION OF HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS must be marked in box 44 of the SAD: The declaration submitted by the importer stating that the imported products are not affected by Regulation (EU) 649/2012 is accepted.

This responsible declaration must meet a series of conditions in order to be accepted, so if you prefer to leave your shipments of hazardous chemical products in the hands of professionals, contact us and we will ensure that your goods arrive at their destination without any unforeseen circumstances.