AEO certification: XGL / Spain is rewarded

AEO certification: At XGL we strive every day to comply with all security measures in our international operations. Therefore, we are proud to announce that these efforts have rewarded XGL / Spain with the certification as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

This accreditation comes as a culmination of the years of our team working in the search of excellence and security in the international supply chain. Since XGL / Spain was founded in 2005, we have prepared ourselves for this moment by making our company a reliable partner for our clients’ import and export operations.

At the express wish of the Management, and convinced of the importance of a correct internal organization and environmental protection, XGL / Spain implemented in 2018 an Integrated Management System under the UNE-EN-ISO-9001, UNE-EN-ISO-14001 standards . During this time we have also managed to shield the security of our warehouses with the ADT, DA and LAME licenses. Likewise, we have the authorization as an accredited agent of the Ministry of the Interior according to the National Security Plan for air cargo and in 2020 we became a member of IATA.

La certificación OEA es un paso más en nuestro camino hacia la empresa que queremos poner al servicio de nuestros clientes, empleados y proveedores. En palabras de nuestra Responsable de Calidad Raquel Sánchez, al frente del proyecto, “Conseguir la certificación OEA ha sido un trabajo interno de casi tres años en los que se ha volcado todo el equipo de XGL / Spain.”

The AEO certification is one more step on our way to the company that we want to put at the service of our clients, employees and suppliers. In the words of our Quality Manager Raquel Sánchez, at the helm of the project, “Obtaining the AEO certification has been an internal task of almost three years in which the entire XGL / Spain team has turned.”

What is an AEO?

An AEO is a statute of trust with which the EU accredits those operators that voluntarily comply with security and transparency criteria. It is mainly focused on regulating international trade regarding customs. It was born after the 9/11 attacks as a way to ensure the security of the international logistics chain.

What benefits does it have for our clients?

We will continue to pay the same attention to details so that our clients’ operations are carried out within the strictest security controls. However, being considered a reliable partner in the supply chain by the EU avoids a series of formalities and procedures. And this simplification in the processes translates into two main advantages for our clients: cost and time savings in each operation.

Main advantages of XGL / Spain after AEO certification:

  1. Guarantees of reduced amount or exemption
  2. Centralized dispatch (national and European)
  3. Simplification in customs clearance and simplified procedure of customs value
  4. Authorization of special regimes
  5. Reduction of documentary and physical controls
  6. Self appraisal
  7. Prior notification in case of customs control, priority treatment in case of inspection and choice of inspection place

¿Quieres saber más al respecto de la certificación OEA y de cómo puede beneficiarte trabajar con nosotros? Ponte en contacto con nuestro departamento comercial y te asesorarán de forma personalizada.

Do you want to know more about AEO certification and how working with us can benefit you? Get in touch with our commercial department and they will advise you in a personalized way.